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C.R.A.I.G. Initiative for Lawyers – Cancer, Life, Short-Term Disability, and Health Plans
MLC Insurance Agency, in partnership with the Utah State Bar, Utah State Bar Wellness Committee, and R. Craig Johnson created the C.R.A.I.G (creating resources and information group) initiative. This was spearheaded by corporate and environmental lawyer, R. Craig Johnson, who is currently fighting terminal cancer. Our mission is to be a resource for those fighting a myriad of catastrophic events. MLC Insurance Agency focuses on preparing and protecting assets via cancer plans, short-term disability/Income replacement plans, and life insurance. 

Cancer Plans Highlights: Precision Care - GTL

-Lump sum payout

-19k Gene testing vs 400 genes generally used

-Patient does not travel

-Oncologist works with lab to tailor a treatment plan specifically for patient

-Cost effective

-Spouse and children can be added

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Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Plans - GTL

-Lump sum payout

-Recurrence benefit

-Additional premium benefit for required surgery

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Life Insurance - Auto-Owners, Prudential

           -Stays with you even if you change firms

             or start your own

           -Best premium is when purchased at the 

             youngest age

           -Term, Whole Life, Guaranteed Universal Life

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Short-Term Disability Benefits: Illinois Mutual

-Income replacement

-Limits up to $3k a month with no documentation required

-30,60,90-day elimination period

-Easily calculate cost 

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